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    International Training Center and Consultants (Plan to operate in 2012)
    PATAWE Academy 
    is the International Training Center located in
    Traditional Thai Community Learning 
    Center Environments
    There are teaching for 4 Regional Royal Thai Traditional Massages and Mather birth
    care program in Thai called “Yoo-Fai” together with all international spa treatment courses such as Swedish massage, Aromatherapy oil massage, Slim & Cellulite massage technique, Beauty Facial and Body treatment,Foot reflexology, Spa Business management and Spa consultants for individual reason and full turnkey project with included all spa accessories and spa resource management.
    Patawe Health & Beauty Spa
    Chang Klang Rd., Ampur Mueng, Chiang Mai 50000 

    Doi Num Sub Thai Massage & Herbal Compress School


    3. Knowledge of Thai Herb for Health and Beauty

    • Thai Herbal Steam
    • Thai Herbal Bath
    • Thai Herbal Body Scrub
    • Thai Herbal Compress
    • Thai Clay Pot
    • Thai Brick Massage
    ↑女性及び産後の女性の健康管理法のコース。5 日間 18,000 バーツ
    産後の肥立ちがよかったらいってみたいなと。Thai Brick Massageは多分ブロック=レンガマッサージかと。
    255/2 Charoenthong bld., Ramintra rd. Tharaeng, Bangkhane, Bangkok 10230

    Doi Num Sub Chiang Rai, Thailand


    You-fai (Lying by/near the fire after giving a child birth) Treatment

    You-fai is a caring process after the mother has given a child birth.  Thai people are familiar
    with this word for a long time, but we do not know about its procedure and process.
    Modern general practitioner considers that symptom of not having been treated with
    You-fai  is resulted from part of the brain that control body temperature is malfunctioned
    caused by lacking of estrogen and affects flashing warm or shivering cold to woman with
    menopause.  However, there’s no answer for the case of some woman at reproductive age
    whom also felt shiver to the bone or cannot control her own body temperature.

    チェンライ :
    Doi Num Sub Organic Herbal Community : 11 Mou 12, Mae Chan, Chiang rai Thailand.





    グーグル先生に翻訳してもらった所、タイ人用のyoo- faiの出張サービスやってますわ。教えることもやってるけど、学校紹介で上記のDoi Num Subのコース表にリンクされてた。http://www.yoofai-maeploy.com/service-yoofai-maeploy.html 

    505 ซอยลาดพร้าว 48 แยก 1 แขวงสามเสนนอก เขตห้วยขวาง กรุงเทพฯ 10310

    Ruenmai Spa Training Center


    四日で6,000B。トレーニングスケジュールが別に記載されているから、事前に問い合わせしないといけないっぽいな。「Certificates of massage in Thai and English issued by the Union of Thai Traditional Medicine Society certified by the Ministry of Health.」とあるので、タイの保健省認定の伝統医学に認められた修了書をくれるみたい。

    Treatments provides support for the new mother with physical and emotional strains of mothering. (4 days program)

    In the past, there were many ways in Postpartum care but the important one was “doing a month” or in Thai “Yoo Fai (staying fire)”. Old people believe that during pregnancy, there will be a lot of change including body imbalance, weight or internal organs of women’s body are expanded.

    “Doing the month” is arts and science that has been practiced since the good old days until these days. It is folk wisdom that flows through many generations as our grandparents see the importance of postpartum health of a mother. Today, ancient traditions meet modern practices combining a variety of useful herbs to help women recover after parturition.  By using the method of heat to heal traumatic uterus, reducing lochia, bringing uterus to its normal position and relieving pain in lower abdomen, back and inner thighs.

    “Doing a month” (Yoo Fai) also help in body imbalance and health problems as follows: 

    -                      body ache and bone pain;

    -                      shivering due to raining or cold air;

    -                      bad blood circulation due to irregular menstrual cycle;

    -                      foul-smelling leucorrhea

    -                      dry and darkened skin especially on private part area.   

    • Knowledge of herb, how to make herbal compress and herbal compress massage
    • Treatments for Salt steaming, charcoal sitting and stone compressing
    • Traditional sauna , Thai herbal body scrub
    • Amniotic fluid driving sesame oil massage and soothe the womb after delivery

    547 Pracharatbumpen 13 Rd, Huay Kwang District (Opposite Oasis Hotel)

    Spa Mantra



    Postnatal Traditional Thai Lanna Treatments Course 29,000 Baht, 40 Hours.

    postpartum care is crucial for postnatal mothers. Because this will result in the body back to normal, Healthiness, dapper, Sanguine, and Radiant skin. For short and long term.

    Postnatal care for are as follows.
    Yoo Fai (staying fire )
    Thai Herbal Hot Compress
    Thai Herbal Bath
    Kao Kra Jom ( Thai Herbal Pavilion)
    Thai Body Scrub & Wrap
    Nung Thaan ( Sit above charcoal fire)
    Pun Pah Nah Tong (Cloth wrap)
    Naab Moh Grua (salt pot compress)
    Food & Beverage
    9.00 – 15.00 ( Mon – Sun )

    30/11 Chareun Suk Road, Hah Yak Santitham  Muang, Chiang Mai 50300 THAILAND 


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